Executive summary O’Reilly Developer Salary Survey roles, tools, contains 72 questions about compensation and demographic history. Surveyed more than 5,000 software engineers, developers and other professionals in the software development world is very detailed and surveyed to transfer the opportunity to explore their career. Key findings include:

  • Professionals use most of these programming languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Bash, Python
  • Participants develop software in languages 3.75 average.
  • The highest salaries are the United States (especially CA, OR, WA), Switzerland, Japan, Australia and the UK
  • Participants of the languages used in the past and still consider using C / C ++, Java, PHP
  • The most common languages in the next 1-2 years to learn that participants intend to go, Swift had Python and Scala

O’Reilly Developer Salary Survey was conducted online using Google Forms. Between January and February 2016 date, 5081 participants, big and small, and industry organizations to survey a wide range of responses from 51 countries and 50 US states were discussed. Participants, mostly software developers, but other professionals also participated in programming.

Survey results are below.

I wish you plenty of gain plenty of code.

Faik Turan

Java Software Trainer


2016 Software Development Salary Survey

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